A new beginning!

It's been a while since I coded something or since I designed something and for the last few years SMD Gaming Studio has not been creating anything new. But this is about to change ... I am back at work!

Now available on STEAM 

We are proud to announce that our game Furfly is available for purchase on STEAM.


Thank you for believing in us.

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Furfly on Steam Greenlight

Help us get on steam by supporting our game in the steam greenlight (click on the image below)


IGN - Review 

IGN reviewed our game. It's amazing to see that they appreciate our hard work on Furfly.

Thank You IGN!

More info here :  IGN (review here)


Over 500 installs!

Today we have over 500 installs of our game Furfly.

Thank you!


Furfly is now available on Windows Store

Starting today you can download our game Furfly from the Windows Store. Just search for it in the store and have fun. 


We are getting ready for Windows Store

We are proud to announce that our game Furfly passed the verification stage and now entered in the Windows Store publishing process . In 1 or 2 days will be available for download on the Windows Store .

Thank you for believing in us.

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Shhh .... Don't tell anybody but we just launched our new game !

... It has been a long run and a very fast one but as of today you can now download the first version of the amazing game that is Furfly.



YESS you read well it's alive :)  


Thank YOU for believing in us !!!

 Download HERE


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Good News / Bad News

Today we have good news and bad news but mostly good news :D


The BAD news is that the Windows Store version of the game is going to be released with a slight delay of 1 or 2 weeks do to unexpected problems, but we work very hard to solve the problem as soon as possible.


The GOOD news is that we have a surprise for you :)  today we have a Release Candidate ... that means we will launch our game pretty soon on  PC



More than "beta"

Today we reached "beta" in our development process of Furfly. Now intensive testing begins ....